Why tracing your peppercorns? Because for everything cultivated there, is a farmer responsible.
Find out who produced your wonderful peppercorns!

We take great care in providing the ability to trace each and every bag of pepper right back to the farm, farmer and batch produced.

This process begins through our initial labelling with a special trace code of each bulk bag of pepper at the farm during the transfer to FARMLINK. When we subsequently proceed to refine, process and package the product for retail we replicate the trace code bag by bag right through until final packaging is complete.
Provenance of our products is 100% assured !

Find your trace code

To find out which farmer produced your product, refer to the alphanumeric code on the vacuum sealed bag (normally 6 or 7 digits). Simply enter the code in the ‘FIND MY FARMER’ Trace code box below.

soum an Nong Ni Orn Ro Keao Yen Eng Mean - Kampot farmer Eng Mean - Kampot farmer family Sou Beut Chan Lorn - kampot farmerChan Lorn - famillyChan Lorn - kampot farm rous daneth khem sok Khoun tienKhoun tien-  kampot farmers kampot farm Pat pa Yen Piep Nong Kueun Hem Riem Teo Sareth Yeym Yi chon sok Long Sameut - kampot farmer